Tenacity Award

Best Of BI Wins “Most Tenacious” Award at the Pentaho 2007 Global Partner Summit

Pentaho Global Partner Summit, Orlando FL

Jan 29, 2008 – Best Of BI was presented with the 2007 Most Tenacious Partner Award by the Pentaho Corporation (the commercial open source alternative for business intelligence) at Pentaho’s 2008 Global Partner Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Best Of BI was recognized for their tenacity in pursuing customer success, delivering authorized training classes, consulting services, and expertise in diverse and complex customer environments, and working closely with their customers to achieve high-value results. They continue to provide the technology, industry expertise, and BI implementation skills to deliver success, spanning a wide range of Business Intelligence deployments from embedded reporting and analytics to large-scale data warehouses, dashboards, and data mining.

“Best Of BI is honored to receive the 2007 Pentaho Tenacious Partner Award,” said Sam Selim, President and CEO of Best Of BI. “We’re very pleased to have overcome several challenges on this particular assignment. Our tenacity is in support of our mission to deliver successfully on all of our consulting assignments – We never fail and we strongly believe that neither should our customers! We truly appreciate Pentaho’s recognition of our efforts, and we are committed to continue to provide exceptional business intelligence consulting services to value-oriented clients throughout North America.”

Pentaho Partner awards recognize organizations that have worked closely with Pentaho throughout the year to deliver outstanding customer success, commercial results, and to help accelerate the adoption of best-in-class open source BI capabilities on a global basis. “On behalf of Pentaho, I want to thank and congratulate our 2007 Pentaho Partner Award winners,” said Erik Hoogerhuis, Vice President at Pentaho. “We had strong competition in each category, and these partners were the stand-out leaders. They represent the skills, attitudes and commitment to customer success that make Pentaho’s commercial open source model work.”