Why Choose SQL Power Architect over other Data Modeling Tools?

Architect is the most powerful and versatile Data Modeling Tool on the market.

SQL Power Architect is the Data Modeling Tool that does more for less. Design new data models or compare existing ones, forward/reverse engineer to/from any database platform, collaborate in real-time… and all from one simple, easy-to-use interface that you can download and try for free.

Architect does more than other Data Modeling Tools.

SQL Power Architect raises the standard for Data Modeling by providing features to make your job easier, such as:

  • Forward/Reverse Engineering
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Model Comparison
  • ETL metadata auto-generation (for KETL/Pentaho DI)
  • OLAP design (Mondrian cubes)
  • Custom domain/data type definition (Pro, Enterprise Editions)
  • Central repository for meta data capture(Enterprise Edition)

Architect works with any database.

Unlike other Data Modeling tools, SQL Power Architect lets you design you Data Model using a generic framework which can be easily forward-engineered to any database platform, including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

Architect runs on every platform.

SQL Power Architect is Java-based and runs on any environment that supports JRE 5.0 or better – so whether you’re using PC, Mac, Unix, something else or all of the above, SQL Power Architect just works.

Architect offers live, real-time collaboration.

The SQL Power Architect server component (Enterprise Edition only) lets users collaborate on any Architect Project in real-time, seeing other users’ input instantly. Data Model collaboration has never been faster or easier.

Architect Community Edition is free to deploy.

We’ve built a better Data Modeling Tool, and we believe that when you try it, you’ll agree. That’s why we offer Free Downloads of the SQL Power Architect Community Edition. Furthermore, Architect Enterprise Edition uses Java Web Start technology, so any users connected to your Architect Server can deploy or update their Client installation at the click of a button.

Data Modeling & Profiling have never been easier…
download the SQL Power Architect today!